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Team Events

We offer many types of team event. These range from "proper" leadership and team development programmes which examine how teams work, the real life challenges that your teams face, and how to deal with these, through to "fun" based team events detailed here.


Based on the second world war event and immortalised in the film, the Great Escape, this will test team working and leadership qualities to the limit. The team will undertake an experiential action learning event where they will face the challenges and constraints of navigating their way beyond the compound to neutral territory.
Horses for Courses

Horses have no preconceived ideas; they are not influenced by power, position or status , they won’t take any nonsense and will give you immediate feedback. If you treat them with respect and spend time to engage with them – they will respond positively. The absence of language means you have to work harder to develop rapport by being curious and watching for other signals to create a win-win. Know anyone who might benefit?

Under the name Rhythmicity, drummer and hand percussionist Tim Scarborough has been running workshops, leading performance teams and playing in bands for nearly 15 years. Using a friendly, professional approach he has built a strong reputation for delivering high quality, enjoyable workshops for teams and businesses across the country.

Can your team run a P*** Up in a Brewery?

Located at a micro brewery in Derbyshire, your team will work together to produce their own real ale in casks and bottles; while practising and enhancing their leadership and teambuilding skills.

This will include the physical brewing & production process, sourcing of raw materials, labelling & product design, bottling, handling, storage, scheduling, marketing and delivery - all to a defined launch date. Of course, at the end of the process, your team will have the opportunity to sample their own ‘brew’ labelled to their own company design.

These events are designed to enhance planning, communication and team working
but your people will also come away with life-long memories!

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