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Developing Leadership Skills and Qualities

The business environment is changing at a fast pace and is full of unseen traps. A white water ride calls for a particular type of leader – one who is honest, trustworthy , composed and courageous as well as somebody who has integrity, self belief and the ability to communicate what might lie ahead. Leadership Resources will help your leaders master these qualities for success.

Teams With a Collective Edge

In a networked world, those companies which survive will understand the crucial role played by collaboration, relationship building and working across boundaries to achieve priorities. Leadership Resources will show you how to create confident, high performing teams which value difference, proactively problem solve and focus on a common goal.

Exceptional Customer Experience

It’s easy to forget that customers 'touch' a company in many ways. From the time they say hello to the receptionist, contact the call centre or receive a delivery. Leadership Resources will help instil the right attitude of mind so that customers' expectations are exceeded.

Mutual Profit From Your Key Accounts

Where do you record the intelligence on your key accounts? Who holds it? Who understands the strategy for each key account? Leadership Resources will challenge your understanding of what it takes to create trusting and lasting relationships with clients to ensure profitable, repeat business. We examine your strategy, systems and people areas of K.A.M.

Coaching to Survive and Thrive

Driving a successful company can be a lonely experience. You have to lead by example and exude confidence. But who do you have to turn to as a sounding board to clarify and stretch your thinking or bring you down to earth before you share it with 'the team'?

Climbing and supporting
Ken Minor
Managing Partner

Founded in 1990 by Managing Partner, Ken Minor, Leadership Resources has now expanded to a number of learning and development and communications Associates who share the same philosophy of 'say it how it is' and have a down-to-earth, results-orientated approach.

Ken is a practical, no nonsense individual who enjoys using challenging and innovative activities to harness the passion and commitment of staff within an organisation to drive high-performing cultures.